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June 24th, 2022

Hello all!  My name is Erin Riden.  Recently, Oak/Mac NOW’s President of the Board, Stacy West, stepped down from her position.  In accordance with the bylaws, I am pleased to serve as your Interim President for the duration of the term.  Similarly, Kent West will be serving as interim Secretary.  The State of MI NOW is aware of and has approved these changes. 


These changes come at a time of critical importance as Oak/Mac NOW welcomes Wayne County into our chapter. I hope that you’ll join us for the upcoming membership meeting on Tuesday, June 28 at 7:00pm.  It will be virtual, so grab your favorite beverage and join us as we talk about the plans for the summer. Also during this meeting, we will announce the chapter’s new name, which is where your action item comes in.


To finalize the name, please vote at  

1)      Metro Detroit NOW

2)      SE Michigan NOW

(Voting will be open from today until 6-27-22 5:00PM)


To join the meeting on Tuesday, click the link below:   



 I appreciate the opportunity to represent your interests. We look forward to seeing you.


-Erin Riden